You are welcome to fill out this form with as much detail as you want or, if it’s easier, you can send me an email describing what you’d like, and I will get back to you with some drafts for you to consider.


Reference Image

If you like, you can reference a plaque from one of my image galleries here.


To open the above link in a new tab (and remain on this form) right click and select “open in a new tab”

Describe briefly what’s on the plaque you are using as a reference.

please write exactly the text you want on the front of the plaque

please describe where on the plaque you would like the text. ie. “the house number in the centre”, the Street name curved below. Also what colour text (note: black stands out best)

If you want you can add a personalized message to be painted on the back of the plaque

please describe what decorative elements you would like. ie. berries, birds, oak leaves, border. Be as specific as you like, including colours. If you’re not sure how to describe it, don’t worry – I will work with you to develop sketched out drafts until we have perfected i before I start painting.

if you have any pictures you’d like to reference, please add them here

please note, plaques usually take between 2-3 weeks to ship once draft is agreed upon. If you need a rush order, let me know and I’ll do my best to help!